Santa Cruz Fitness Training

Our supervised personal fitness training program is designed to assist both our present and former patients in achieving a more healthy and active lifestyle. It has also been designed to help make the transition, from patient to independent gym participant, a smooth one. We provide a comprehensive range of services including personalized exercise programming, body composition evaluation, and health and fitness education.


The Supervised Fitness Training Program involves independent exercise. While the patient may not be receiving direct one-on-one supervision, there is always a certified personal fitness trainer or licensed physical therapist to provide assistance when needed. You'll receive an orientation on proper usage of the gym equipment as well as an individualized exercise program on your first visit. We ask that you schedule a time with our trainer for your initial visit.

Medical Clearance

We recommend any participant to have a comprehensive physical prior to beginning any exercise program. If any participant has recently experienced any health concerns then we would require a physician's clearance before beginning the program. You would need to provide copy of the doctor's medical clearance. We do provide medical clearance forms if needed.


Unlimited use, $40.00/month

Initial orientation and program design is an additional $50.00 and lasts for approximately one hour.


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8am - 12pm, 2pm - 6pm

Tuesday and Thursday 8am - 12pm

Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Lunchtime hours (12pm - 2pm) can be arranged if notification is given in advance.