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Did you know?

August 3rd, 2013
Gerry Van DykeGerry Van Dyke

Did you know that exercise does more than just increase your strength? Of course you do…but did you know that exercise

- not only helps prevent weight gain, but also inhibits the formation of harmful visceral fat (source: University of Alabama at Birmingham)

- improves cognitive function in seniors (source: University of British Columbia)

- physical fitness is associated with improved academic performance in young people (source: American Heart Association)

- midlife exercise is associated with better health in later years (source: Archives of Internal Medicine)

- brief vigorous exercise can reduce cellular aging (source: University of California San Francisco)

- reduces anxiety and depression (source: Southern Methodist University)

- protects and improves brain function (source: American College of Sports Medicine 57th Annual Meeting)

- prompts the creation of new brain cells, even at older ages (source: Columbia University)


and finally, on any given day, only 5% of U.S. adults participate in any vigorous intensity activity (source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine)